A Recovery Community for Addicts,  Loved Ones of Addicts  and Spiritual Refugees

Saturdays 5pm & 7pm 

We would love to find out more about YOU.

Even if you identify with more than one...what do you resonate with most?

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A Recovery Community for Addicts, Loved Ones of Addicts, and Spiritual Refugees

We would love to find out more about YOU.

Even if you identify with more than one...what do you resonate with most?

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Weekly LIVE Stream

Saturdays @ 7 pm MDT

Our Doors Are Open For Saturday Nights!

We have opened our doors to all who wish to join us. We look forward to seeing you there!

Saturdays @ 5pm & 7pm MST

FREE Inaugural Ha-Ha-Holidays

The Phoenix and FREE Recovery Community partnered together to host the inaugural Ha-Ha-Holidays: A Sober Comedy Special! It was a night of ugly sweaters, festive drinks, community, and laughter. Featuring: Ben Roy, Debbie Scheer, and BK Sharad.

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Who We Are

FREE is a spiritual community for Addicts, Loved Ones of Addicts, and Spiritual Refugees.

Our Mission

We impact the lives of others in our community by breaking the silence of addiction while creating space for healing, recovery, and spiritual connection.


Because all the things that set us free ...love, grace, compassion, and forgiveness ...are all the things that are so freely given by God. 

Baptisms In The Wagon

Please Reach out to Rev. Ryan for more information 

Be The Wagon

The backstory to why the wagon is a central image in our community. 

A Recovery-Focused,
Sustainability-Centered Café

Monday  - Friday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Saturday 4:00 pm  - 9:00 pm
Sunday Closed

What's New At FREE

Find your Home

Service has been an integral part of the Recovery and Growth of the lives of many of us here at FREE. One of the best ways to get involved and engaged in the love and grace of this FREE community is by becoming a member of the HomeTEAM. Click below to find out more. 

Giving is Receiving

It is your generous giving that keeps this ministry alive and breathing. We appreciate your love and support. 

Stay Connected.

"I consider myself a Spiritual Refugee and I attend FREE for healing."

- Jason M.

"FREE has helped me knowing that as the spouse of an alcoholic, I am not alone." 

- Diana S

"I attend FREE to connect spiritually with people who have similar life experiences."

-Kim M

"FREE is a warm and welcoming community, there is no judgement, just love."


"FREE is an inclusive & inspiring environment, covering the hard topics that aren’t talked about! "


"I felt at home when I walked in. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. ."


"There are many people that have given up on the traditional church, this church mixes real life struggles with scripture and allows individuals to come and not be judged. "

- David S.

"FREE is for people scared to walk into a church, or those fearing judgment. "

-John W.

"FREE gives me hope that our situation will get better. "

- Christina G.

"By Far, the best coffee I have had in my life!"

-Andrew B