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Associate Executive Director

The Associate Executive Director is instrumental in shaping and executing FREE Recovery Community’s mission and vision. This role involves leading FREE Recovery Community staff and volunteers, necessitating a dynamic individual with strong leadership, organizational, and people skills. Additionally, the Associate Executive Director offers care and support to the community, occasionally organizes Saturday night services/preaches, and serves as a backup for the Lead Pastor/Executive Director. This full-time position demands spiritual maturity, adaptability, and wholehearted dedication to enhancing the overall health and growth of our community. As a member of the executive leadership team, this role plays a crucial part in shaping a thriving and transformative recovery community.

Duties and Responsibilities will include:

  • Leadership and Coordination (65%):
    • Collaborate with executive team to develop and implement FREE Recovery Community’s overall mission, vision, and strategic goals.
    • Assist in the oversight of day-to-day operations of FREE Recovery Community, sharing the general workload to manage facilities, resources, and special events.
    • Coordinate and lead events including events with community service leaders, community connection events, and fundraising events.
    • Recruit, train, and nurture a team of staff members and volunteers.
    • Foster a sense of community and spiritual growth among staff members and volunteers.
    • Establish policies and processes to ensure smooth operations, promote safety, and maximize impact.
    • Leverage relevant technology for transparent and effective communication with volunteer leaders and staff members.
    • Provide input around the budget, ensuring responsible stewardship of resources.
    • Assess strategy effectiveness and make data-driven and prayerful improvements.
    • Provide reports to the executive team regularly and to community leaders and Board of Directors, as needed.
  • Community Connection (20%):
    • Provide counsel to community members as needed.
    • Follow up with new community members based on newcomer connect cards.
    • Follow up with community members who have fallen away from the community for a period.
    • Collaborate with other staff to ensure comprehensive care is provided to the community, including providing directions for those in the community seeking services.
    • A few times per year: organize Saturday night services and preach. This includes preparing content creation that aligns with the message of the overall community vision and message series, collaborating with Lead Pastor/Executive Director.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork (15%)
    • Participate in regular staff meetings and team development experiences.
    • Maintain effective communication with staff members to ensure a unified approach.
    • Collaborate with staff members to develop weekly email/newsletter.
    • Support ‘all hands’ activities, including planning and execution of holiday and special events.
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