Who We are


FREE is a community for Addicts, Loved Ones of Addicts, and Spiritual Refugees breaking the silence of addiction while creating space for healing. recovery, and spiritual connection.

What To Expect

All walks of life gather here...people with lots of faith, people with no faith. People who have memorized the Bible, people who have been bashed with it. People who use pretty words, people who curse like sailors. People with big homes, people without a home. People who have been to prison, people who guard the prison. People battling the bottle, people who have been sober for years. People who know addiction, people who have a loved one who’s addicted. People who are lawyers and executives, people who are unemployed and looking for work. People who have been on a spiritual journey for decades, people who have been kicked around by religion. In this community, no matter where you are, we don’t do shame. You belong here.
- Scripture...all the stories that remind us God is filled with love, grace, compassion, and forgiveness.

- Storytelling...real experiences from real people—and these stories aren’t sugar coated.