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Meet The FREE HomeTEAM Leaders

HomeTEAM Lead - Erica and David Garrity 

Erica and David are the go-to resource for all things HomeTEAM related. They can be reached via email at HomeTEAM@freerecoverycommunity.com


How Do I Sign Up?

Download the FREE Recovery  Community App and click on the HomeTEAM tab. Here you can find a sign up form for any of the positions. You can also access the form by clicking below. 

What If I Am Not Able to Make it?

If something comes up one week and you are not able to make it, you can try to find a replacement ( a current HomeTEAM member). You can do this in the 'Get Involved' Tab of the FREE app, or by clicking below.  

How long are the commitments?

Each Commitment Consists of showing up for each Saturday of the respective month that you have signed up for.  The times for positions vary. Click below for service position details

What are the requirements for signing up?

A HomeTEAM shirt purchase is required, the shirts are $10. Shirts must be worn the day of the Service, and only worn when the community member is actively participating in the HomeTEAM program. Payment can be made to the HomeTEAM leader. Only one position can be filled by a person at a time. Please give others a chance to serve in spirit of rotation. Still confused? Fill out the form below to reach out to our team.