Week 4 - Breaking the Silence

Jul 29, 2023

Are you ‘all in’ when it comes to your life & recovery? When you’re living a life that’s all in, you are going to fail. There will be moments where you get it totally wrong. There will be moments when you fall flat on your face and experience pain. But if you stay engaged—and get back up again—you will experience moments of extraordinary joy & overcoming. 

There’s a character in the Old Testament Scriptures named Samuel. God kept calling. Samuel kept missing it. But Samuel had grit…he got back up one more time. God kept calling…because grit & grace usually walk together.

I’ll bring the message, then Abby Alt will sit with our Guest Storytellers, David & Erica Garrity. When David and Erica met, Erica was one year sober. David is an Eagle Scout and knew nothing about addiction. Erica is now 17 years sober and actively working a recovery program and David is the Regional Chair of Nar-Anon and working his own program through Al-Anon and Nar-Anon. Erica did not marry a person in a program of recovery but years later she got one: "David told me early in our relationship that if I ever drank he would call my sponsor. I told him no you should change the locks and empty the bank account and run, because I will burn our lives down. The elevator only goes down in addiction and I cant get back on." David looked at me and said: “I get it now that I am in recovery we speak the same language.” An addict, and loved one of an addict…grit & grace is holding it together.