Week 2 - Breaking the Silence

Jul 15, 2023

Nearly 25 million people in America battle drug and/or alcohol addiction. Only 10% of those people are receiving help. Overdoses are taking lives at a rapid pace. Mental health is in a dark place. Where is God? It’s no secret religion in America is in rapid decline…but there’s still a longing for spiritual connection. Maybe it’s time to stop looking for God on the mountain tops, and realize that spiritual connection begins in the valley.

Bre Wolta will join me as our Guest Storyteller. Bre is the “loved one of an addict” and in recovery from chasing chaos. She worked in the addiction and mental health field for 10 years, and now Bre is a Relationship Clarity Coach, helping people move from disconnection to connection. Bre will share with us some of her recovery story and what spiritual connection can look like for those who have been primed for chaos.