Week 3

May 7, 2022

The religious landscape in America…studies show it’s in steep decline. People are giving up on institutionalized religion. Among the primary reasons: “religious people seem judgmental & hypocritical.” But in my experience, spiritual refugees have a longing for belonging when it comes to the spiritual journey. Grace saves us from judgmental attitudes & hypocritical ways. Those moments of waking up to God’s love & grace in your own life—that’s been there the whole time. Have you had those “waking up” moments?

Maggie Barfoot will join me as our Guest Storyteller. Maggie comes to us as an addict in recovery and a Spiritual Refugee. Her biggest questions were disregarded by religious leaders; she was kicked out of class in Catholic School. Deep in her addiction, she strayed from a spiritual life. But everything changed when she got sober. It was a shift from “believing” to “experiencing” and it started with spiritual practices.