Week 2

Apr 30, 2022

YOU BELONG. There's a party, and you're invited. It's not about God choosing who attends this party it's about you accepting the invitation, to set aside some old ideas, some old prejudices, you choosing to show up to the party. In order to create space for the spiritual refugees in our community, you have to accept the invitation.


Noelle Hoelsken will bring the message and I’ll sit down with our Guest Storyteller, Keifer Pate. Keifer comes to FREE as an indigenous person from the Chippewa Cree Tribe. He’s almost 6 months sober and when he came into the rooms of recovery he thought it was a white man’s god with white man’s problems. Keifer will share with us some of his story around giving up old ideas about God and embracing his native roots. He says FREE has become a place where he can share his experiences and spirituality openly, and it’s welcomed here.