Week 4

May 14, 2022

Spiritual refugees have a longing for belonging. Some religious traditions live by the model: believe like us, behave like us, then you become one of us. But what if—when it comes to the God stuff—the whole thing is about belonging first? Isn’t that why you’re part of this FREE community—because you experience a sense of belonging with God and each other? Let’s talk about why you belong.

Derrick Deidel will join me as our Guest Storyteller. For many years he lived in shame & secrets; addiction & separation. Religion told him he wasn’t good enough and he didn’t belong. Derrick has been clean & sober for over two years now and he’s discovering new life. Here’s how he describes his experience at FREE: “You didn’t do shame, you allowed me to be messed up, I started showing my brokenness slowly. Light began piercing my darkness and I now know I belong here—and with God.”